Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

electronic cigarette starter kits

The Blu Original Starter kit is the first and only electronic cigarette starter kit with the one of a kind Blu pack that started the whole electronic cigarette revolution.  What makes it unique is the internal charge port, which chargers your electronic cigarette batteries when you are on the go.

The blu ecig pack will replenish your batteries up to six times before requiring a full recharge.  How convenient!

The Blu Cigs Original pack is both lightweight and durable.  With enough interior space for up to five spare electronic cigarette flavor cartridges, Blu Cigs Original is the perfect companion for the smoker on the go.

Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – Black

electronic cigarette starter kits

  • Our most popular starter kit
  • Comes in black or white
  • 1 New blu Premium e-cigarette pack with Social Features!
  • 2 blu batteries
  • 1 blu wall charger
  • 1 blu USB charger
  • 1 five-pack cartridges in the strength and flavor of your choice


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