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What is a Blu Cig? Shop at today and save!

Blu Electronic Cigarettes is the leading provider of electronic cigarettes in the United States. Blu looks and feels like a regular tobacco cigarette but doesn’t contain all the harsh and destructive chemicals that traditional cigarettes have.  Blu Cigs are very popular due to their high-tech design that keeps improving more and more as time goes on and as Blu customers give honest feedback.  Blu e-cigs create no tobacco smoke, ash or foul smell that is associated with traditional cigarettes.  You can order them in a starter- kit that works for your budget or in the convenient disposables which you can just toss when you’re done.  You can also order you flavor cartridges with the right amount of nicotine for you ranging from full flavor to zero nicotine!  You can also get them in a variety of flavors so you can stick to your favorite or experiment with a new flavor.

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