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blu Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits are basically a great one-stop-shop!  blu’s amazing, high-tech Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits come with everything you need to start your vaping experience.  There are 3 you may choose from: Original, Premium and Premium 100. Let’s start with Premium, since it is the most popular!  It comes in white or black, comes with 2 blu batteries, a blu wall charger and a blu USB charger – which is OUTSTANDING if you work behind a computer all day!  It has the very cool and unique Social Feature integrated right into the pack AND you also get to choose a five-pack cartridge pack in the flavor and strength you prefer!  I guess you may see why the Premium Starter Kit is in such high demand!

blu cig starter

Just because the blu Premium Starter Kit is the most popular, doesn’t mean blu’s Original Starter Kit isn’t as good!  You may get this “Electronic Cigarette Industry” Game Changer in white or black too! You get 2 batteries, 1 wall charger and 1 USB charger. blu designers realized how a large portion of society works behind a computer all day, hence the USB charger.  This USB charger is a life saver!  With blu’s Original Starter Kit, you also get to test out the Full Flavored Strength Variety Pack (5 cartridges) which includes: 2 Classic Tobacco, 1 Cherry Crush, 1 Java Jolt and 1 Magnificent Menthol.  What makes these flavors even better is that they are produced, right here in the USA!

And for the serious blu Electronic Cigarette user, there is the very popular, Premium 100 blu Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.  This beautiful specimen comes in black with the ever-cool Social Features!  You get 2 blu batteries, 1 blu wall charger and 1 blu USB charger (my favorite!).  With the Premium 100 option, you get to chose what flavor and strength you would like your 5 cartridge pack.   Each cartridge in the Premium 100 is roughly equal to 1.5 pack of smokes where as the Original and Premium Cartridges roughly equal 1 pack of smokes.

blu cigs starter kit

These 3 option are the most efficient way to start vaping. Chose 1 of the 3 options and get started!

blu cigs features

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