There is SO MUCH storage in the blu Cigs packs! Whether your cartridge is out, you’re craving another flavor or your fellow blu user needs an extra cartridge (you would know because of the social feature) you will always have enough cartridges for the road! Lost your blu ecig charge? Don’t worry, blu is a step ahead with the extra area for a backup battery. As long as you remembered to charge your pack before your big night on the town, use the back up and simply recharge the other while it’s tuck nicely in your clutch or pocket! Yep, I said clutch or pocket. All the blu packs are light-weight and compact making them super portable so it will always be with you when you need it!

Check out all the different packs blu has to offer in the section, blu Cigs Packs, to see the options, colors and accessories that match your needs.




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