How to Inhale an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have revolutionized the way that people smoke. However, many people are confused as to how to operate them. After years of smoking traditional cigarettes or cigars, switching to an electronic cigarette could seem like more trouble than it’s worth. If you’ve been considering buying electronic cigarettes, don’t let yourself be intimidated. Using an electronic cigarette is far easier than it seems.

Before you pick up an electronic cigarette, you should realize that the technique in smoking an electronic cigarette is different from the technique used to smoke a regular cigarette. Despite the fact that they look similar, their functions are entirely different. Electronic cigarettes are merely devices meant to emulate the feeling of having a cigarette in your hand and the action of smoking. If you do try to use an electronic cigarette in the same manner as a regular cigarette, it could result in a sore throat, coughing, lung pain and irritation in the mouth.

First, inhale the vapor from the electronic cigarette into your mouth instead of directly into your lungs. Inhale the vapor slowly and steadily. This is especially important for first-time users of electronic cigarettes as it allows the user to slowly get used to the process. It’s never a good idea to inhale quickly or harshly. Doing so may damage the heater coil within the device as it relies on a slow and gentle flow of air to function properly. In addition, breathing in the vapor too quickly may draw the liquid from the electronic cigarette directly into your mouth.

Second, let the vapor stay in your mouth only for a few seconds before exhaling through your mouth or nose. Due to the way that the electronic cigarette works, it’s recommended to exhale the vapor through your nose. After a few seconds, you are also free to inhale the vapor into your lungs if you want, but it’s not necessary. Traditional cigarettes require the smoke to be inhaled into the lungs in order to acquire the effects of the nicotine. Electronic cigarettes don’t need the vapor to be inhaled into the lungs in order to feel any effect. The vapor can also penetrate the mucous membranes within your mouth, which allows you to gain the effects of the nicotine without needing to breathe the vapor into your lungs.

Though you can get the effects of the nicotine without inhaling the vapor into your lungs, getting the maximum effect requires letting the vapor stay in your mouth for about five seconds, inhaling into the lungs slowly and exhaling through your nostrils. This allows you to get nicotine absorption in as many areas as possible.

Repeat the process until you are done with your electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes do a good job of emulating the act and feel of smoking, but it should be kept in mind that the process of absorbing nicotine with electronic cigarettes is slower than that of a traditional cigarette. This fact tends to make new users very frustrated, especially if they have recently quit smoking. However, if you’re patient, anybody can easily adapt to the process of smoking an electronic cigarette over time. Like anything else, it just takes some getting used to and practice.

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