Disposable Electronic Cigarette

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Blu Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Trying a electronic cigarette for the first time? What if there was a way to “test-drive” one, at a great, reasonable price? Blu hits it out of the park again, with their Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. Each Blu disposable electronic cigarette is equal to roughly 1.5 packs which, depending on your usage, can last a day or two! No recharging, no switching out cartridges, no fuss!

Some people just don’t like carrying a cigarette pack around, when they have the option to only have to carry 1 disposable, blu electronic cigarette with them. The packs are, by no means, big or bulky, they are very slim and fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. It’s just the ease of carrying 1 small electronic cigarette with you, and that’s it! Even if you are a premium, original or premium 100 blu eCig pack owner, it’s not a bad idea to have a few disposables on hand for those times you just don’t want to take much with you. They are convenient, slide right in your pocket and come in 2 flavors, Traditional Tobacco and Magnificent Menthol. Just like the premium, original and premium 100 cartridges, the disposables are made with the same great tasting flavors made by Johnson Creek, right here in the US!

Try a Blu disposable today!

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