Blu Cigs batteries are inter-changeable between the Original and Premium accessories.  Blu e-cigarette batteries offer the latest in Ion Lithium technology which provide all the necessary power and most importantly,  the signature glow for a unique smoking experience.  The battery itself will signal and let you know when it needs to be recharged. Choose from white or black for an e-cig battery that offers long life and easy assembly. You get 2 batteries with each starter pack but you can also purchase batteries separately if you need more.


blu cigs batteries

 Another major bonus of purchasing a blu electronic cigarette is the longevity of the ecig itself.  The technology in this blu device is very high tech and all the pieces work together to save energy and decrease your charging time.  The LED tip in the blu cig is definitely a talking piece when you’re vaping around people but it also has a significant function too.  LED lights do not draw a lot of energy and have a long life which means, you can use your e-cig for a long time without having to charge it and you will have your e-cig for a long time due to the long lasting quality of the device pieces.  What a great design and use of technology!


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